Condominiums can be tricky to purchase, as they are more volatile in price than single, semi, or townhouse residential properties. There are homeowners’ fees, and condominium rules of operation and conduct, that warrant special attention.  We apply our collective knowledge, experience, and purchasing skills to help you navigate through the whole process as seamlessly as possible.


Whether its single family homes, semi, or town homes, our intuitive buying process covers all the bases in terms of meeting your needs and finding the right property to maximize your investment value. We analyze all the factors that can affect your purchase including market trends, neighbourhoods in transition, schools, property history, repair/renovation history, area land-use history, future plans for area development such as transit, highways, or commercial development; area demographics, income levels, rate of neighborhood renovations or new construction, amenities, proximity to retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment centres. Our system is designed to uncover everything that you need to know to purchase with the confidence, and understand that you are making the best decision possible.

Luxury Properties

As with Condominiums, there is added risk with purchasing a luxury home. The risk revolves around the neighbourhood and the proximity of anchors (such as a golf course) that support the value of the homes. The risk is that the value of the area is dependent on the continuation of the Golf Course as a viable entity. Other things to look for are the quality level of the construction, which can have a negative impact on the price… especially if there are annoying issues such as squeaky floors, or excessive sound-travel through walls. We look at all these things so you can propose an appropriate offering price. 


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